Conquer the next logistical evolution with
HODIE Application Software Suite.

Mapping of the client processes for the comprehension of their needs and adherence analysis of our tools.

Many ways of integrating our system with your ERP systems or satellites.

Logistic controls, since the order placement to the reverse logistics. Check each module below.


Collaborative solution, evolving all the players of your process (internal and external areas).

The Hodie Suite Modules manage your logistic processes, since the order cycle monitoring, until the final delivery or devolution by reverse logistics. Check the main functions of each module below:


The experience of e-commerce in the industry.

  • Visibility for client / commercial
  • On-line indicators (OTIF / OTD)
  • Reduction in the number of calls about the position of orders
  • Lead time of each step
  • Incident registration


Organize the agenda of dispatch and receiving of your loads

  • Schedule the docks occupation
  • Controlling and scheduling of docks

  • Yard management

  • Collection order and concierge

  • Drivers and vehicles registration

  • Inbound / Outbound

  • Carrier acceptance / refuse

  • Notifications by e-mail


The experience of e-commerce in the industry.

HODIE is a logistic software whose main functions is giving visibility to the products delivery process, as well registering the delivery confirmations, incident management and delivery scheduling. All the information is visually monitored by your team, through dashboards that display your loads situation by region. In the case of any incident during the process, that remains registered, being possible to follow and solve them using the software.


Register of several information needed to the control of your company, reports issuing, sending configuration of automatic e-mails, follow up of logistic operations performance, among others.

Through interfaces, the delivery data can be distributed to other systems, and the information also are available on the Portal HodieWeb, accessed via internet.

Besides that, the module includes the APP Motorista for mobiles, developed in order to facilitate the delivery consultation, delivery confirmation and incident register.


Collaborative internet portal for registering the delivery confirmation on real time

It can be used to update delivery information on an existing company system, or it can also be used in conjunction with the HODIE system – the reference  tool in logistical delivery monitoring


Application to take your information to the palm of your team and clients

    • Sales force collaboration
    • Immediate notifications
    • Performance in the processes of incidents and reverse
    • Option of customized APP with your brand


Android and IOS application

It allows drivers to record deliveries and incidents in real time. It works as a real-time delivery option, in addition to other HODIE options such as 0800, EDI and WebServices. Simple, easy, and at no cost to the driver. Functionalities:

  • Association between invoice and driver
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Location record (if GPS is enabled)
  • POD (Proof of Delivery) photo registration option
  • Opening of delivery incident


Control of extra delivery costs

HODIE Fretes is an optional module of the HODIE system.
Tool features:


  • Registration of extra freight tables
  • Extra freight calculation
  • Control of extra freight (daily, re-deliveries, total or partial returns, discharges, etc.)
  • Invoice checking
  • Importing the CT-e file (Knowledge of Electronic Transportation)
  • Freight Monitor


The most complete reverse logistics solution on the market

    • Homologada por clientes farmacêuticos

    • Controle de processo de devoluções

    • Desde a:


    • Solicitação do cliente
    • Aprovações e alçadas
    • Políticas de crédito
    • Gestão de documentos e NFD
    • Controles de saldos
    • Destinação
    • Interfaces com ERP


More than 100 reports and indicators

HodieKPI is an optional module of the HODIE system, a BI that generates dynamic indicators for monitoring based on data from the HODIE system, and which allows access to more than 40 preconfigured indicators, graphs and reports.

    • Email reports

    • Daily report to the commercial area

    • Market benchmarking

    • Automatic pending collection

    • App for iOS and Android


The consolidation of logistical control towers

Guide your structure, teams and processes for systematic performance, with the control, monitoring and management tools of the HODIE Suite.

The choice of big companies

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